NO COST LOAN of a NFO Sinus® frequency inverter

Have you also asked yourself:

    • Can I really install NFO Sinus without shielded cables?
    • Can I really install NFO Sinus without following the extensive guidelines for installation that apply for a standard inverter?
    • Can I really have several hundred metres distance between motor and inverter?
    • Do I really avoid interference, earth currents and bearing damage with NFO technology?
    • Can I quickly and simply install the NFO inverter so that I can see how much energy I can save?
    • Isn’t everything they say about NFO technology too good to be true?

You now have the chance to try NFO Sinus yourself and you’ll see that it is all true.
We are offering you a loan of an inverter for two months at no cost. You only pay the freight COSTs.

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Loan terms and conditions
Depending on the current delivery status, we reserve the right to determine the conditions of any loan – who can loan, what period of time etc. You are responsible for any freight costs.