NFO Sinus® in different applications

NFO Sinus® controls electric motors with pure sine wave power. It offers a range of different benefits that can be put to use in different ways in different applications:

  • Residential and business properties(HVAC)
  • Industry(HVAC and machines)
  • Agriculture and equestrian facilities(vacuum pumps, machines, etc.)
  • Warehouses and cold storage(HVAC)
  • Laboratory, testing and research facilities(HVAC)
  • Marine (HVAC)
  • Radio and TV studios (HVAC)
  • University and schools (HVAC)
  • Hospitals(HVAC)
  • Theatres and concert halls(HVAC and machines)
  • Waterworks and pumphouses(pumps)
  • OEM -integrating your own company’s products


NFO Sinus complies with the EMC directive in all environments