CHOOSE CORRECT frequency inverter

Choose the correct inverter dimension for the motor to be controlled: Read the motor’s nominal current from its rating plate and choose an inverter that is able to supply this current on a continual basis – see the table below.

An NFO inverter can be used to control several motors by ensuring there is sufficient current.

Example: To control three motors with a nominal current of 2.1 A (6.3 A in total), choose a 3.0 kW inverter with a continuous discharge current of 6.7 A.
A smaller inverter can be chosen if you know that the motor will not be run using full current.
If you want to be able to load the motor above its nominal current, take this into consideration when choosing an inverter.


Motor nominal current (A): Choose inverter power rating (kW):
<=1,3 0,37
1,4-2,1 0,75
2,2-3,5 1,5
3,6-4,9 2,2
5,0-6,7 3,0
6,8-8,8 4,0
8,9-11,1 5,5
11,2-14,8 7,5
14,9-21,5 11,0
21,6-28,5 15,0