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Follow our client DeLaval International’s example – improve the competitive advantage of your products with interference-free motor control. Develop your own version of the NFO Sinus frequency inverter suited to your own product. You can control your product in an energy efficient way without risking any problems from electromagnetic interference. And you can get new solutions that are not possible with conventional PWM technology.

DeLaval – our biggest OEM client

DeLaval has decided to use NFO’s interference-free technology as much as possible for its products. Today it is used to control vacuum pumps, milk pumps and milking rotaries, etc.


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Think about how best to take advantage of NFO Sinus’ properties, which technological requirements you have, what power ratings you need and what volumes you predict and then get in touch with us for a no-strings discussion. You are welcome to get in touch!

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Read more about NFO Sinus’ unique properties:  NFO Sinus inverter 

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DeLaval_NFO_2_3kW_w“DeLaval NFO Drive” is an OEM version of the NFO Sinus frequency inverter which is adapted to DeLaval’s requirements. The inverter can be had in several different power ratings and is used for controlling vacuum pumps, milk pumps and machines.